Acupuncture Shakuju

About Me

imageTisha Mallon, L.Ac., graduated from the San Francisco School of Acupuncture in 1987. She has been practicing Shakuju Therapy (SJT) since 2000, a non-insertive method of Acupuncture based on the wisdom of the I-Ching, under the guidance of Master Shoji Kobayashi Sensei. Upon completion of her studies with some of the foremost advanced teachers of SJT in Japan, she received her certification to teach SJT in 2011 

After sponsoring and teaching 10 seminars on the West Coast with Master Shoji Kobayashi Sensei, she continues to teach and practice Shakuju Therapy in the Bay Area. Currenlty, Tisha is working with Yasuo Tanaka, President of AIMC, Acupuncture Integrative Medical College, Berkeley, California, in sponsoring an international Japanese teacher, Daiki Takahashi Sensei, to teach SJT at AIMC during the coming year, 2017-2018.

The ultimate cause of illness is understood to be Fundamental Cold or Hie, the origin of all illness and the decline of the body's vital force.  Kobayashi Sensei's teachings takes us a few steps back into the Invisible realm, the state of the Tai-Ji, also known as Jing Qi, the material substance of everything and resets conventional thinking of Oriental medicine in America.

The purpose of SJT is to empower the Jing Qi to warm up the body by eradicating Fundamental Cold through the use of a needle, moxibustion. and the depths of consciousness on the part of the practitioner during treatment. SJT is a non-insertive, highly effective modality for all illnesses, especially trauma, children and the elderly patients.