Japanese Shakuju Acupuncture


imageShakuju Therapy is a non-insertive acupuncture treatment appropriate for all ages, from infants to the elderly. It is highly effective for the treatment of an extraordinary range of pathologies, including traumas related to surgeries, accidents, and injuries. Shakuju Therapy (SJT) is rooted in the theory of the I-Ching basically describing a person’s symptoms manifesting as a decline of the body’s vital force. All illnesses are based on the loss of one's energy and vigor manifesting as symptoms at weak areas of the body. 

The term shaku refers to deep abdominal stagnation, and the term ju refers to superficial abdominal stagnation and therefore, emphasis is on abdominal palpation and treatment is along the spinal area. A patient's chief complaint and symptoms are lessened when shaku and ju disappear from the abdominal region during treatments. Lack of vital Qi is the cause of internal cold because the life of a human being itself is what makes a body warm.

The treatment is painless and has a gentle touch.  While palpating tight, tender points of the body before, during and after treatment, the patient can feel improvement in the reference points as core energy and internal strength increases. As we are able to treat various symptoms with SJT using awareness of the invisible gravitational force (Qi), life is affected directly.

A single non-insertive needle serves as a conduit through which the practitioner accesses the invisble Qi and directs these forces to achieve a healthier state within the patient's body.